Towering Pines Learning Center

     We want to teach green, sustainable farming practices to current and future farmers.  We will host one day seminars and lectures, with time spent in the field promoting chemical free farming and sustainability.  Curriculum will include some Buy Local philosophy and benefits, plus natural pest control and fertilization, along with some Permaculture Basics and Organic Gardening methods to help small farms to feed themselves and provide additional seasonal income. We hope to conduct 6-12 classes per season. 


     We will also promote the advantages of beekeeping and impart beekeeping interest and basics, a critical world-wide need.


     Without bees, many people will starve.  See our beekeeping page.


     We also intend to host courses on Tiny House concepts, benefits, design, and creation, utilizing our working lab space to even give students some hands on experience at crafting a Tiny Home project. 


     Classes will be held in a large barn loft, with 4 hours of formal classroom instruction and lectures, followed by two hours in the hopyard to reinforce the important points and to show how it is done.  The last two hours of the seminar will include contact and resource information to assist in starting or changing a farm into a sustainable, chemical free entity.


     We also intend to host a few good, old fashioned barn dances every Summer with the intent to promote community relationships, camaraderie, and to teach old time music and dance.  We also hope these get-togethers will promote our business and the Buy Local movement.


    We believe we have a lot of very important information that we can pass on to others to help promote a cleaner, greener, sustainable way of farming and living, benefiting all of us and future generations.


     If you have visited this site and like what you see, please share our web site and Facebook posts with anyone and everyone.  We hope to gain nation-wide, if not world-wide exposure.  Thanks in advance, and Cheers!


     Towering Pines sells our own All Natural Rooting Solution and Towering Pines Logo T Shirts to elliminate Lecture/Seminar fees at the Learning Center.  Please consider a purchase of either or both.  The Learning Center will be a non-profit entity of Towering Pines. 


     Our fundraising goal is to raise $85,000 to build the barn and outfit the classrooms and labs with everything needed to teach all the varied courses we have in mind.


     If you have the means and an interest in supporting the Towering Pines Learning Center, please click on one of the the Donate Buttons below.


     We will regularly post updates, pictures, comments, and fundraising status here on our web site and on our Facebook page to keep everything transparent.



Anyone donating $20 to the Towering Pines "Build a Big Ole Barn Fundraiser" will receive our heart

felt thanks and their name will be prominetly displayed in the Lectur Hall/Classroom.

Anyone donating $50 to the Towering Pines "Build a Big Ole Barn Fundraiser" will recieve the above reward, and one Towering Pines Logo'd T-Shirt.

Anyone donating $100 to the Towering Pines "Build a Big Ole Barn" fundraiser will recieve the above rewards and a second Towering Pines Logo'd T-Shirt.  Their name will also be placed on a paver at the entrance to the Learning Center and the doner will receive an 8x10 photo, suitable for framing, of the Learning Center.

Anyone donating $500 will receive the above listed rewards, and will garner a standing invitation to visit and tour the Towering Pines Vineyard, Hopyard, and Learning Center, and will be more than welcome to sit in on our classes to see what we are all about.  We will also feed you dinner.

Where to Find Us:

Towering Pines Vineyard, Hopyard and Learning Center
1298 Fayetteville Owen Rd

Bedford, IN 47421


To contact us via email:


Please help spread the word about Towering Pines by liking us on Facebook or Sharing our link.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers!

What's New

Check out the cool Towering Pines T Shirts we sell to support the Learning Center.


We use our own Towering Pines All Natural Rooting Solution exclusively in our nursery.  It is now an item on our products page.  We sell six fluid ounces for $12.50 and hope you will give it a try.  You will love the results.

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