Towering Pines

Concentrated All Natural

Rooting Solution

Extracted from Willow Bark

Organically Produced

Contains Salicylic Acid, Indolbutyric Acid,

Rhizocaline and alcohol.

Six Ounces


The Indolbutyric Acid is found in high concentrations in the new growth bark of willow branches and can be extracted into a solution.  This acid is a plant hormone that stimulates root growth.

Salicylic Acid is also a plant hormone that helps newly propogated plants fight off infection by bacteria and fungi and is found in willow bark.

These naturally occurring auxins have been proven to promote new and healthy root growth in a variety of plant cuttings.

Our product is an all natural solution that can be used instead of chemically produced rooting hormones and powders.  A clean, renewable, sustainable option used in many permaculture settings.


We add a small amount of alcohol to our solution to assist in the breakdown and extraction of the acids and to also sterilize the cuttings prior to rooting.



Directions:   3 ways to use…

1) Use full Strength.  Dip Cutting and Pot/Plant. Or,


2) Dilute One Ounce in One Cup of Water.  Soak Cuttings 12 - 24 Hours, Then Pot/Plant. Or,


3) Dilute Six Ounces in One Gallon of water.  Use to water Freshly Potted/Planted Plants to enhance and stimulate Healthy Root Growth.


You will love the results. 


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We use our own Towering Pines All Natural Rooting Solution exclusively in our nursery.  It is now an item on our products page.  We sell six fluid ounces for $12.50 and hope you will give it a try.  You will love the results.

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