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Our family farm in Fayetteville, Indiana has gone through several changes since its purchase in May 1973.  The family patriarch, William Weddle Sr bought the property to homestead, intended to shorten his commute and provide him and our family a quiet country lifestyle.  He chose a homesite overlooking the vallies and ridges of southern Indiana, planted some grapes, and even planted a small garden, but never built a home here.  Although he opted to remain in town, he kept the property as a hobby farm and quiet escape.  He and our brother Bill Weddle II planted over 20,000 White and Scotch Pine trees in the 80's to sell as X-mas trees.  Those that were not harvested have now grown to 35’+ tall, hence the Towering Pines moniker for our Vineyard, Hopyard and Learning Center.


Brother Bill also kept horses and a couple of cows here in the mid to late 70’s, renting the house next door and calling his realm Sunshine Estates.  Even back then his gardens were grown organically, the begining of the philosophy that continues today on our farm.


I myself planted several medicinal plants, with the hope of retiring early, buy unscrupulous, non property line respecting thieves repeatedly robbed me of that dream.  My son Daniel harvested hardwoods and pines, along with gathered tons of field stone to build his own house.  He actually timbered, sawed and finished the wood into flooring, beams and usable lumber for the project. 


Our brother James hunted and taught his son to hunt on these acres.  Our brothers Rich and Dave have both used the property for recreation, walking, and as a retreat to decompress from the rigors of a busy life.


This hobby farm has always been a peaceful place to stop, reflect and smell the wildflowers, commune with nature and enjoy the wildlife.  The extended family continues to use this property for recreation.

I have even written a couple of Fiction/Action Adventure novels while living here.  If you enjoy reading this genre' please check out my books at Amazon.com. 

     A tale of two couples snatched from their comfortable, middle class lifestyle and cruely entwined in the realm of international intrigue and illeagle drug trade.  Naive or just plain ignorant of the existance of drug lords and drug trafficking, Jason, Linda, Mark, and Macy become rudely educated in a harrowing 28 day period.  Follow along as they are forced to endure unimaginable hardships.  How would you react or fare to being thrust into the middle of an unbelievable scenerio, where even saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could cost you your life or the life of a loved one.  Would you panic, or get angry, or would you survey the situation and think out a rational solution?  Put yourself in their place and see. 

     Survivors of a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, in the middle of Winter, remain determined to survive even though the odds are stacked against them.  The "survive first", then "wait time" is spent by a fire, where they discuss any and all subjects; Religion, Personal Histories, Goals and Dreams, some satisfied and some never realized.  This emotionally charged story tries to reflect what crash survivors really experience in this unimaginable scenerio.  Once again you are asked to place yourself into the story and see if you agree.  Deeply reflect on all the things you have gained and lost in your lifetime, up to this given point.  This is the opportunity afforded to these survivors by tragic circumstance.  Everyone could use a little soul searching time in this fast paced world.

Now Bill and I are cultivating hops and grapes with the goal of supplementing our retirement income.  We don’t expect to get wealthy, but we hope to eat regularly and reap the health benefits of working hard.  We also want to teach what we have learned in the ways of green and sustainable farming, from zero use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to the incorporation of solar options for future farming.

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Towering Pines Vineyard, Hopyard and Learning Center
1298 Fayetteville Owen Rd

Bedford, IN 47421


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